CULLEN BRIAN (カレン ブライアン)




情報工学専攻 メディア情報分野




  • Leeds Metropolitan University -  言語学博士

  • Aston University -  修士

  • Trinity College, Dublin University -  工学修士


  • 1998年04月

      Part-time EFL instructor at Nagoya Institute of Technology, Aichi Prefectural University, Nanzan University and Sugiyama University.   -

  • 1994年04月

      Doho Senior High School   -

  • 1993年04月

      CECIL International language school, Nagoya. EFL for children.   -

  • 1991年04月

      Chuoh Consultants, Nagoya. Civil engineering design and computer programming.   -



    NLP Connections Japan


    National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH)


    Association of NLP




    Material Writers SIG


  • 外国語教育

  • 教育心理学



  • 音響と教育めディア

    研究期間:  2001年04月  -  現在

  • Songwriting in a foreign language

    研究期間:  2001年04月  -  現在

  • Techniques in the Culture Classroom

    研究期間:  2001年04月  -  現在

  • Technical English

    研究期間:  2001年04月  -  現在

  • L2 Creativity

    研究期間:  2001年04月  -  現在


  • Exploring Second Language Creativity: Understanding and Helping L2 Songwriters

    Brian Cullen

    Leeds Metropolitan University    2 - 431   2009年11月(年月日)  [査読有り]

    学位論文(博士)   単著

    This study investigated how to help Japanese songwriters writing in English. It also aimed to evaluate and develop tools for probing the mental processes underlying L2 creativity. Evaluating various methodologies (corpus analysis of lyrics, interviews, verbal protocol analysis, and journal studies) led to eight case studies of Japanese L2 songwriters centered on the “dialogues of creation” which arose in one-to one songwriting workshops where the researcher adopted multiple roles including researcher, EFL teacher, creative coach, audience, and songwriter.
    Songwriting was shown to be a flexible use of cognitive, social, linguistic, and psychological strategies to solve a “song puzzle,” simultaneously manipulating mental representations, inner voice, external constraints of song norms and language, and internal constraints created by writing. Key requirements underlying L2 creativity were revealed as flexibility in strategy and language use, openness, creation of favourable circumstances, awareness of L1 norms, and development of craft through appropriate feedback and experiential learning. Other important issues addressed were motivations, inner and external validation criteria, borrowing and ownership, and L2 identity negotiation.
    Three approaches to helping L2 songwriters were formulated: a language-centered approach highlighting deviation from English song and linguistic norms, a skills-centered approach utilizing an L2 songwriting model, and a learner-centered approach identifyin characteristics of the "good L2 songwriter." Teacher mediation through songwriting exercises and feedback created an experiential and organic curriculum which facilitated rapid development of strategies and self-correction skills.
    The investigation into mental processes, use of metaphor, and management of multiple roles may interest qualitative researchers. The descriptions of creative cognitive strategies in manipulating mental representations and inner voice, importance of inner validation, and process model of L2 songwriting may inform research in L1 and L2 creativity. Pedagogic implications for experiential learning, collaborative learning, organic curriculum, bilingual clustering, and L2 identity negotiation may contribute to EFL and ESP.

  • Songs in the Discussion Classroom

    Brian Cullen

    Aston University    1 - 52   1999年08月(年月日)

    学位論文(修士)   単著

    This paper examines the use of songs in the foreign language discussion classroom. It aims to demonstrate that songs can be a powerful pedagogic tool in discussion and to establish a framework for the design of materials which incorporate songs.
    The use of appropriate music in the classroom has motivational effects for most learners. In addition, music has strong physiological effects and the resulting affect can positively influence cognition. Music may also encourage greater use of the right hemisphere of the brain and lead to a more holistic approach which increases the rate of language acquisition. The text of songs offers the advantages of authenticity and its features make it easily understandable to language learners. The universal themes enable it to to lead into almost any discussion topic and the personal perspective of the song participants direct it towards the central issues of the topic.
    In order to identify the meanings which are available for discussion, a model of meanings
    in music and song is developed by drawing on work from psychology and musicology. The meaning in music and song is influenced by four factors - musical structure, social context, physiological nature and cognitive nature. These interact to form meanings in the mind of the listener. These meanings can be grouped into three types - representation of external meanings, expression of emotions and musical meanings. The large variety of meanings or possible interpretations of a song is seen as a positive rather than a negative point in the discussion classroom where their statement and resolution can produce a rich interchange of views.The four factors which influence these meanings are explored in detail and extensive examples of how they may be realized in discussion tasks are given.
    Moving from theory to practice, a framework for incorporating these discussion tasks into
    coherent materials is presented. Various options for presentation, comprehension, exploitation and
    discussion of the song are examined. These are illustrated with reference to a sample set of
    materials. In this way, teachers can easily produce their own materials. Songs can also be employed to encourage students to produce discussion materials. This can lead to greater learner autonomy and considerable learning outside the classroom as well as providing opportunities for teacher development.
    The paper concludes by reiterating the powerful role that songs can play in language
    acquisition in the discussion classroom and outlining some possibilities for further research.

  • Utilizing Computers to Optimize Retaining Wall Design

    Brian Cullen

    Trinity College Dublin    1 - 75   1991年06月(年月日)  [査読有り]

    学位論文(その他)   単著


  • Stress, Duties, Satisfaction and Burnout: Experiences of Non-Japanese Teachers at Japanese Universities

    Brian Cullen

    New Directions ( 名古屋工業大学 )  39   1 - 10   2021年03月

    研究論文(大学,研究機関紀要)   単著

  • The Manic Art of Materials Writing

    Brian Cullen

    Between the Keys ( 全国語学教育学会 )  28 ( 2 ) 4 - 7   2020年07月  [査読有り]

    研究論文(学術雑誌)   単著

  • Effectiveness of Poster Presentations for CLIL Courses

    Brian Cullen, Vick Ssali, Cameron Smith

    PanSig Journal 2019 ( 全国語学教育学会 )  2019   56 - 62   2020年06月  [査読有り]

    研究論文(学術雑誌)   共著

    このポスター発表の活動の中には、Coyle の四つの基準(科目やトピック、言語スキル、様々な思考力、
    異文化理解)の要素を取り入れることができる。そして教室でCLIL の核心的な活動としてのこのポスタ
    このCLIL とモチベーションの関係性に関しては、今現在調査中であるが、生徒への広範なアンケート

  • Promoting Learning through Mental Practice and Embodied Simulation

    Brian Cullen

    New Directions ( 名古屋工業大学 )  38   1 - 10   2020年03月

    研究論文(大学,研究機関紀要)   単著

  • Transitioning from Author to Publisher

    Brian Cullen

    Between the Keys ( 全国語学教育学会 )  28 ( 1 ) 4 - 7   2020年03月  [査読有り]

    研究論文(学術雑誌)   単著

  • The Wall of the Shamrock

    Brian Cullen

    MindBrained ThinkTank ( JALT Mind Brain and Education SIG )  6 ( 1 ) 17 - 18   2020年01月  [査読有り]

    研究論文(学術雑誌)   単著

  • Creating Effective Learning Activities for Returnee Students

    Niall Walsh, Brian Cullen

    Between the Keys ( Japan Association of Language Teaching )  26 ( 2 )   2019年11月  [査読有り]

    研究論文(学術雑誌)   共著

  • Ancestors:Researching and Sharing Personal Histories

    Brian Cullen, Ben Backwell

    PanSig Journal 2018 ( PanSIG )    2019年04月  [査読有り]

    研究論文(学術雑誌)   共著

  • Active Learning Through Poster Presentations

    Brian Cullen, Ben Backwell

    PanSig Journal 2018 ( PanSIG )    2019年04月  [査読有り]

    研究論文(学術雑誌)   共著

  • Value in Textbooks and Learning Experiences

    Brian Cullen

    Between the Keys ( Japan Association of Language Teaching )  26 ( 1 )   2019年03月  [査読有り]

    研究論文(学術雑誌)   単著

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  • Evolving Education - Volume 2

    Brian Cullen, Sarah Mulvey et al (担当: 編著 )

    International Association of NLP Institutes  2021年10月

  • Evolving Education - Volume 1

    Brian Cullen, Sarah Mulvey et al (担当: 編著 )

    International Association of NLP Institutes  2021年04月

  • Journey to America Today

    Eric Gondree (担当: 編著 )

    PAWS International  2021年03月

  • Movie Time: Film Studies through English

    Adam Miller (担当: 編著 )

    PAWS International  2020年04月

  • Culture through English 2 (2nd edition)

    Cameron Smith, VIck Ssali (担当: 編著 )

    PAWS International  2020年03月

  • Culture Through English 1 (Updated)

    Cameron Smith and Vick Ssali (担当: 編著 )

    PAWS International  2019年03月 ISBN: 978-4-908413-06-3

    Culture Through English 1 takes a variety of cultural topics - food, music, sport, famous people, and more - to teach students both English and the cultural history of English speaking countries. Throughout it follows a modern CLIL methodologogy.

  • GOAL: Identify and Achieve Your Life Goals 3rd Ed.

    Ben Backwell & Brian Cullen (担当: 共著 , 担当範囲: 1-76 (すべて) )

    PAWS International  2018年04月 ISBN: 978-4-908413-05-6

    GOAL is an textbook by Ben Backwell & Brian Cullen designed to help students to improve their English language skills while simultaneously learning real-world skills to identify and achieve life goals. The audio program features great storytelling. All of the activities in the book are personalized and motivating for students.

  • Culture Through English 2

    Cameron Smith & Vick Ssali (担当: 編著 , 担当範囲: 1-108 )

    PAWS International  2018年04月 ISBN: 978-4-908413-04-9

    Culture Through English 2 takes a variety of cultural topics - flags, leaders, inventions, religion, and more - to teach students both English and the cultural history of English speaking countries. Throughout it follows a modern CLIL methodologogy.

  • Culture Through English 1

    Cameron Smith and Vick Ssali (担当: 編著 )

    PAWS International  2018年03月 ISBN: 978-4-908413-03-2

    Culture Through English 1 takes a variety of cultural topics - food, music, sport, famous people, and more - to teach students both English and the cultural history of English speaking countries. Throughout it follows a modern CLIL methodologogy.

  • Humanity and Technology (3rd Edition)

    Brian Cullen (担当: 単著 )

    Intercom Press  2017年12月 ISBN: 4-900689-58-0

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  • Book Review: Language Teacher Psychology

    Brian Cullen

    JALT Journal ( 全国語学教育学会 )    2019年01月  [査読有り]

    総説・解説(学術雑誌)   単著


  • NLP Songs for Change

    Brian Cullen  [招待有り]

    NLP International Conference on Health and Addictions  (Israel)  2021年11月  -  2021年11月  Society for Mental Space Psychology in Israel

  • Creating High-Quality Listening Materials

    Brian Cullen

    JALT National Conference 2021  (Online)  2021年11月  -  2021年11月  JALT

  • Materials Development Frameworks and the Challenges of Developing Materials

    Niall Walsh, Brian Cullen

    JALT PanSIG 2021  (Online)  2021年05月  -  2021年05月  JALT

  • Mastering Modelling

    Brian Cullen  [招待有り]

    NLP Greece Master Practitioner Training  (Online)  2021年03月  -  2021年03月  NLP Greece

  • Exploring Magic Moments

    Brian Cullen

    EANLPt Conference, November 2020  (Warsaw, Poland (online))  2020年11月  -  2020年11月  European Association of NLP Psychotherapy

  • Investigating the experience of non-Japanese long-term EFL teaching professionals at Japanese Universities

    Brian Cullen

    JALT PanSIG 2020  (Online)  2020年06月  -  2020年06月  JALT PanSig

  • Moving from Words to Creating Learning Experiences

    Brian Cullen, Sarah Mulvey

    2020 JALT Hokkaido Winter Language Teaching Conference: Getting Creative: Avenues to Successful Practices in EFL  (Hokusei Gakuen University)  2020年02月  -  2020年02月  JALT

  • Effectiveness of Poster Presentations for CLIL Courses

    Brian Cullen, Cameron Smith, Vick Ssali

    JALT PanSIG 2019  ( Konan University, CUBE Campus)  2019年05月  -  2019年05月  JALT PanSig

  • Active Learning Through Content

    Brian Cullen

    JALT PanSIG 2019  ( Konan University, CUBE Campus)  2019年05月  -  2019年05月  JALT PanSig

  • Practical positive psychology activities for the language classroom

    Brian Cullen

    Psychology of Language Learning Conference  (Waseda University)  2018年06月  -  2018年06月  International Association for the Psychology of Language Learning

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  • Bubbles

    芸術活動  2019年09月  -  2019年09月

  • Transit Musical Original Cast Audio Recording

    芸術活動  2017年11月  -  2017年11月

    Sound engineering and mixing for 19 track album.

  • Triquedraco

    芸術活動  2017年10月  -  2017年10月

    Track list:
    1.Dragon's Lament (Prologue)
    2.Sign of the Paganheart
    4.Black Mist Island
    5.Ancient Celtic Fire
    6.When the Sunrise
    7.Où Est la Rose?
    9.1014 (The Battle of Clontarf)
    10.Sword of Victory
    11.Inis Mór

  • Jukebox Paradise Original Cast Recording DVD

    芸術活動  2017年04月  -  2017年04月

  • Jukebox Paradise Original Cast Recording CD

    芸術活動  2017年01月  -  2017年01月

  • Insula Sacra

    芸術活動  2010年10月  -  2010年10月

  • The Hello EP

    芸術活動  2008年06月  -  2008年06月

  • Just Right

    芸術活動  2001年03月  -  2001年03月

  • Another Round

    芸術活動  1999年07月  -  1999年07月

  • The Rising Pints

    芸術活動  1997年05月  -  1997年05月


  • NLP Trainer Training

    フィールドワーク  2010年08月  -  2010年08月


  • Best of JALT Presentations Award

    2008年04月   -  

    受賞者:  -

  • Material Writers Contest, JALT 2006

    2006年04月   -  

    受賞者:  -


  • TEEE; A New English Education System for First Year Students at Institutes of Technology in Tokai


    研究期間:  2010年04月  -  2012年12月  代表者:  石川有香

    The aim of the research is to develop a new English education system for first year student majoring in engineering at institutes of technology in the Tokai area. We created an English teacher's network for TEEE (Tokai English Education for Engineering Students), in order to clarify current problems, to develop a new methodology, and to apply it to our students. Results of the study suggested that teaching ESP (English for Specific Purposes) through the TEEE system can be effective not only for graduate students but also for first year students, since students are generally motivated to study science and engineering although their technical and English knowledge is very limited.



  • 2017年04月

    Association of NLP   Review Panel

  • 2015年01月


  • 2012年04月

    NLP Connections Japan   Chairman

  • 2011年04月

    On Cue SIG   論文編集委員

  • 2009年05月

    Material Writers SIG   Editor

  • 2000年04月



  • The Undergraduate Awards

    The Undergraduate Awards  (Online)  2017年03月  -  2017年10月

    Judge in category of psychology in The Undergraduate Awards. This is the world's only pan-discipline awards programme, connecting and empowering the brightest students to inspire greatness. It is an international research contest to encourage undergraduates to raise the standard of their research.

  • Ireland - Today and the Past

    Aichi Prefectural University  (Aichi Prefectural University)  2016年12月  -  2016年12月

  • Understanding Ireland through Street Ballads

    Kinjo Gakuen  (Kinjo Gakuen)  2016年06月  -  2016年06月

  • Ireland and Japan - 60 years of Cooperation

    Toyota International Association  National Day Lecture Series  (Toyota Industrial Culture Center)  2016年04月  -  2016年04月

  • Beyond Emigration - Understanding Modern Ireland

    Kinjo Gakuen  (Kinjo Gakuen)  2015年06月  -  2015年06月

  • An Exploration of The Hero's Journey

    Gifu Shotoku Gakuen University  (Gifu Shotoku Gakuen University)  2014年11月  -  2016年11月

  • Ireland - Land of Song and Story

    Keiwa Gakuen University  (Keiwa Gakuen University)  2014年06月  -  2016年06月

  • Understanding the History of Ireland Through Folk Song

    Kinjo Gakuen  (Kinjo Gakuen)  2014年05月  -  2014年05月

  • Traditional Music of Ireland

    Kinjo Gakuen  (Kinjo Gakuen)  2012年03月  -  2012年03月

  • Understanding Modern Ireland

    Kinjo Gakuen  (Kinjo Gakuen)  2007年11月  -  2007年11月

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