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  • Active learning for distributionally robust level-set estimation

    Yu Inatsu, Shogo Iwazaki, Ichiro Takeuchi

    Thirty-eighth International Conference on Machine Learning  2021.07  -  2021.07 

  • Mean-Variance Analysis in Bayesian Optimization under Uncertainty

    Shogo Iwazaki, Yu Inatsu, Ichiro Takeuchi

    The 24th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Statistics  2021.04  -  2021.04 

  • Bayesian experimental design for optimizing black-box functions under uncertainty

    Yu Inatsu

    5th AIP Open Seminar  2020.12  -  2020.12 

  • Active learning for level set estimation under input uncertainty

    Yu Inatsu,Shogo Iwazaki, Ichiro Takeuchi

    NIMS WEEK 2019  2019.10  -  2019.10 

  • Asymptotic expansions of the null distribution of the likelihood ratio test statistic for a random-effects covariance structure in a parallel profile model

    Yu Inatsu

    Hiroshima Statistical Study Group Seminars, Radiation Effects Research Foundation  2015.07  -  2015.07