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Department of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Industrial Management Engineering
Department of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Industrial Management Engineering
Center for Fostering Young and Innovative Researchers


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  • 2010.04

    Nagaoka University of Technology   Faculty of Engineering   Graduated

  • 2005.04

    Hakodate National College of Technology     Graduated

Field of expertise (Grants-in-aid for Scientific Research classification)

  • Structural engineering/Earthquake engineering/Maintenance management engineering

  • Civil engineering materials/Construction/Construction management



  • Numerical Evaluation of the Residual Strength of Pre-tension PC Girder Affected by Chloride Attack

    Kenta Takeda, Yasushi Tanaka

    Proceedings of The Fourteenth East Asia-Pacific Conference on Structural Engineering and Construction     1259 - 1267   2016.01  [Refereed]

    Research paper (international conference proceedings)   Multiple Authorship


  • Analytical Study of a Degraded Concrete Bridge for Structural Health Monitoring

    Md Niamul Islam, Kenta Takeda, Takeshi Miyashita, Saiji Fukada, Atsuhiro Takasu

    9th International Conference on Structural Health Monitoring of Intelligent Infrastructure  (St. Louis, Missouri USA)  2019.08  -  2019.08  International Society for Structural Health Monitoring of Intelligent Infrastructure

  • Numerical Simulation of Mechanical Behavior of Post-Tension Prestressed Concrete Beam with Various Bond Condition of PC Bar

    Kenta Takeda

    IABSE Young Engineers Colloquium in East Asia  (Tongji University)  2018.10  -  2018.10  International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering

  • 塩害により鋼材腐食が生じたプレテンションPC桁の解析的耐力評価手法の検討

    武田 健太,田中 泰司

    第4回 コンクリート技術大会  (新潟)  2014.09  -  2014.09  日本コンクリート技術株式会社