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  • High Prevelence of Orthstatic Dysregulation among Circadian Rhythm Disorder

    Akiko Tsuchiya,Tsuyoshi Kitajima,Satoe Tomita,Yuichi Esaki,Marina Hirose,Nakao Iwata

    Journal of clinical sleep medicine     2016.11  [Refereed]

    Research paper (scientific journal)   Multiple Authorship

  • Comparison of sleep diary and actigraphy to evaluate total sleep time in hypersomnia patients

    Satoe Tomita,Tsuyoshi Kitajima,Takahiro Mekata,Akiko Tsuchiya,Wataru Sano,Yuichi Esaki,Hirose Marina,Shiho Fujita and Nakao Iwata

    Sleep and Biological rhythms     2013.04  [Refereed]

    Research paper (scientific journal)   Multiple Authorship


  • Altered distribution of resting period of daily locomoter activity in circadian rhythm sleep disorder subjects.

    M.Hirose,T.Kitajima,A.tsuchiya,S.Tomita,Y.Esaki,T.Nakamura,Y.Yamamoto,S Koike,and N.Iwata

    European Sleep Research Society  (BOKOGNA,ITALY)  2016.09  -  2016.09 

  • A possible case of Kleine-Levin syndrome presenting as repeated episodes of stupor

    T. Kitajima, S. Fujita, A. Tsuchiya, M. Hirose, S. Yamamoto, S. Tomita, N. Iwata

    European Sleep Research Society  2016.09  -  2016.09 

  • A retrospective study of the efficacy of ramelteon for insomnia:Relevance to dose and timng of administration.

    Tsuchiya A, Kitajima T, Tomita S, Esaki Y, Hirose M, Iwata N

    Europen Sleep Research Society  (BOLGNA,ITALY)  2016.09  -  2016.09 

  • 概日リズム睡眠障害における休息、活動パターン構造に関する研究


    日本睡眠学会第40回定期学術集会  2015.07  -  2015.07 

  • パロキセチンが誘因となった睡眠時随伴症重複障害の一例報告


    日本睡眠学会第39回学術集会  (徳島)  2014.07  -  2014.07  日本睡眠学会