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Department of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering
Department of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering


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Graduating School

  • 1996.04

    Tohoku University   Faculty of Engineering   Graduated

Graduate School

  • 2005.10

    Tohoku University  Biomedical Engineering  Biomedical EngineeringDoctor's Course  Completed

  • 2000.04

    Tohoku University  Graduate School, Division of Engineering  Master's Course  Completed

External Career

  • 2008.10


Field of expertise (Grants-in-aid for Scientific Research classification)

  • Biomedical engineering/Biomaterial science and engineering



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  • Chapter 6.4 Tensile Properties of Smooth Muscle Cells, Elastin and Collagen Fibers, in "Vascular Engineering" (Tanishita K and Yamamoto K, eds)

    T. Matsumoto, S. Sugita, and K. Nagayama (Part: Multiple Authorship )

    Springer Japan, Tokyo  2016.03 ISBN: 4431548009

  • Chapter 4. "Blood Vessel" in Springer Series in Biomaterials Science and Engineering: Advances in Metallic Biomaterials Technology

    Matsumoto T, Sugita S, Yaguchi T (Part: Multiple Authorship )

    Springer  2015.06 ISBN: 978-3-662-46842-5

  • Analysis and techniques for controlling kinesin-driven microtubules in nanoscale transport systems, in Nano-Biomedical Engineering 2012:Proceedings of the Tohoku University Global Centre of Excellence Programme

    S. Sugita, N. Sakamoto, T. Ohashi, and M. Sato (Part: Multiple Authorship )

    Imperial College Press  2012.02

  • Analysis of changes in the gliding direction of kinesin-driven microtubules focusing on their length and kinesin density, in Nano-Biomedical Engineering 2009, Proceedings of the Tohoku University Global Centre of Excellence Programme

    S. Sugita (Part: Single Author )

    Imperial College Press,  2009.03

  • Circumferential strain distribution in rabbit thoracic aorta using novel observation technique, in Future Medical Engineering Based on Bio-nanotechnology: Proceedings of the Final Symposium of the Tohoku University 21st Century Center of Excellence Programme

    S. Sugita, T. Matsumoto, and M. Sato (Part: Multiple Authorship )

    Imperial College Press  2006.11


  • Changes in FRET Ratio Distribution along Single Isolated Stress Fibers Expressing FRET-based Actinin Tension Sensor during Stretch

    Takeo Matsumoto, Masahiro Ito, Eijiro Maeda, Junfeng Wang, Tsubasa Matsui, Shinji Deguchi, and Shukei Sugita

    Biomedical Engineering Society Annual Meeting  2018.10  -  2018.10 

  • Microscopic deformation of the aorta during pressurization based on SHG and two-photon microscopy

    Shukei Sugita, Masaya Katoh, Masanori Nakamura, and Takeo Matsumoto

    The 8th World Congress of Biomechanics  (Dublin, Ireland)  2018.07  -  2018.07 

  • Assessment of cancer metastatic capacity using a microfluidic device

    Masanori Nakamura, Daichi Ono, Shukei Sugita

    The 8th World Congress of Biomechanic  (Dublin, Ireland)  2018.07  -  2018.07 

  • A novel apparatus for the multifaceted evaluation of human brachial artery functions through transmural pressure manipulation: Toward early-stage diagnosis of atherosclerosis

    Takeo Matsumoto, Toshiyuki Yaguchi, Yalin Cong, Kenji Shimo, Takahiro Kurokawa, Shukei Sugita, Kazuaki Nagayama, Hiroshi Masuda

    The 8th World Congress of Biomechanics  (Dublin, Ireland)  2018.07  -  2018.07 

  • Estimation of structure of two-layered models by a triangular hole pressing method for mechanical evaluation of horny layer

    2017.12  -  2017.12 

  • Measurement of stress distribution in stress fibers using FRET-based tension sensor

    2017.12  -  2017.12 

  • Estimation of tension in a stress fiber using photoelasticity

    Shukei Sugita, Eri Mizutani, Masatoshi Hozaki, Tsubasa S Matsui, Shinji Deguchi, Takeo Matsumoto  [Invited]

    International Symposium on Biomedical and Environmental Materials  2017.11  -  2017.11 

  • Effect of connection of elastin and collagen on vascular wall rupture

    2017.10  -  2017.10 

  • A method for quantification for type I-type III ratio of collagen fibers using second harmonic generation light

    2017.10  -  2017.10 

  • A study on measurement of intracellular tension dynamics of MC3T3-E1 cells during substrate adhesion using a FRET-based actinin tension sensor

    Junfeng Wang, Shukei Sugita, Tatsuo Michiue, Takashi Tsuboi, Tetsuya Kitaguchi, Takeo Matsumoto

    5th Switzerland-Japan Workshop on Biomechanics (SJB2017)  2017.09  -  2017.09 

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