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Department of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering


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  • Analysis of carrier trapping and emission in AlGaN/GaN HEMT with bias-controllable field plate

    Suguru Mase, Akio Wakejima and Takashi Egawa

    physica status solidi (a) ( Wiley )    2017.08  [Refereed]

    Research paper (scientific journal)   Multiple Authorship

  • An AlGaN/GaN field effect diode with a high turn-on voltage controllability

    Naoki Kato, Akio Wakejima, Yamato Osada, Ryuichiro Kamimura, Kenji Itoh and Takashi Egawa

    physica status solidi (a)   214 ( 8 )   2017.08  [Refereed]

    Research paper (scientific journal)   Multiple Authorship

  • Distortion in Difference Frequency Under Two-Tone Signal Input Evaluated with Volterra Series Analysis

    K. Tamesue, T. Egawa, A. Wakejima

    Digest of 2016 Compound Semicondutor IC Symposium     2016.10

    Research paper (international conference proceedings)   Multiple Authorship

  • 1.4-kV Breakdown Voltage for AlGaN/GaN High-Electron-Mobility Transistors on Silicon Substrate

    Selvaraj, S.L. and Watanabe, A. and Wakejima, A. and Egawa, T.

    IEEE Electron Device Letters   33 ( 10 ) 1375 - 1377   2012.10  [Refereed]

    Research paper (scientific journal)   Multiple Authorship


  • AlGaN/GaN Field-Effect Diode for High Frequency Rectification

    Y.Ito, Y.Ikedo, N.Kato, J.Sumino, T.Egawa, R.Kamimura, Y.Osada, K.Ito, and A.Wakejima

    12th Topical Workshop on Heterostructure Microelectronics  2017.08  -  2017.08 

  • Microwave Leakage through Buffer Layer of AlGaN/GaN HEMT on Si

    Y. Ikedo, Y. Ito, T.Egawa, M.Kuzuhara, K.Hosoya, and A. Wakejima

    12th International Conference on Nitride Semiconductors ...  2017.07  -  2017.07 

  • 透明ゲートAlGaN/GaN HEMTを用いたゲート電極直下の変動要因探査

    成田 知隆, 分島 彰男, 江川 孝志

    2013年春季第60回応用物理学関係連合講演会  2013.03  -  2013.03 

  • Estimation of bound interface density of AlInN/GaN hetero-structures

    O. Oda, A. Wakejima, M. Miyoshi, T. Egawa

    5th International Symposium on Advanced Plasma Science and its Applications for Nitrides and Nanomaterials  2013.01  -  2013.02 

  • Transition of High Electric Field of AlGaN/GaN HEMTs on Si observed by Photo Emission

    Akio Wakejima, A. Frank Wilson, Takuya Joka, and Takashi Egawa

    International Workshop on Nitride Semiconductors  2012.10  -  2012.10 

  • 透明ゲートAlGaN/GaN HEMTを用いたゲート電極直下でのEL発光観察

    成田 知隆,間瀬 駿, 分島 彰男,江川 孝志

    2012年秋季第73回応用物理学会学術講演会  2012.09  -  2012.09 

  • 1.4 kV Breakdown Voltgae for MOCVD grown AlGaN/GaN HEMTs on Si Substrate

    S. Lawrence SELVARAJ, Arata WATANABE, Akio WAKEJIMA, Takashi EGAWA

    Device research conference  2012.06  -  2012.06